Monday, April 4, 2011

Shaky Fingers, Family Get-Together

I'm working on a long report but my hands keep shaking! Hope it's not Parkinson's. I searched the net. It could just be tea. I've been drinking iced tea every afternoon while working. So I didn't drink any today. True enough. My hands became steadier.

Yesterday, we had another fun family get-together. It was for mom's birthday, our balikbayan cousin, and the graduates in the family. We will have another get-together for the other April birthday celebrants.

Food was simple - sushi/maki, Pancit Malabon, chicken inasal, chicken salad, manggang hilaw with bagoong, buco pie, and mais con hielo. There was picture taking as our cousin, Karen, brought her camera.

Funny, I wore an old pair of shoes. Before I knew it, parts of the sole started to come off! Pieces were scattered all over the floor!

My niece is asking help in doing her paper. She will come over on Wednesday. I'm proud of her! Her grade average is that of summa cum laude. So she was able to get a scholarship abroad for a year.

A research agency is finally signing me on starting April 1. Maybe they have work for me already. Yehey. I do need regular work.

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