Sunday, April 17, 2011

Finished a Report, Ready for Holy Week

Today, I completed my long two-part report. At long last!

Now, I am ready for Holy Week.

Time to meditate. Look back at what the Lord has done for me and for mankind.

Watch meaningful shows on TV.


My friend says my posts are too short. "Bitin", in other words.

So here's my attempt at writing a lengthy post.

"My Life So Far"

At age 50, I could say I have lived a wonderful life. Full of joys and fun, with my share of sorrows and pains.

When we were growing up, we led a comfortable life. Since my parents were both lawyers, we belonged to the upper class but not the super duper upper crust of society. So we were not the target of kidnappers and carnappers and holdappers and other appers.

We went to good schools. My sister and I were consistent honor students. The boys admired us. And the girls envied us. We were both pretty. I could dance, my sister could sing. (I wished I could sing, too.)

Then the boyfriends came one by one. So were the heartaches.

Work was exciting and fun. I enjoyed marketing research - found it very interesting and challenging enough.

At work, I met my husband. Tall, handsome and handsome.

But it was a match not made in heaven. We split up after only five years.

Partly my fault. I didn't take good care of him. So he found somebody who did.

Our son, was so young when his parents went their different ways.

But life must go on.

My career was doing fine when the illnesses started coming. First was diabetes. Runs in the family.

Then, bi-polar mood disorder. Over the years, I've had 18 confinements in hospitals and half-way homes. That's why, I couldn't have a full-time job anywhere. I could not be overly stressed. And my medicines make me sleepy.

There was a time when I was bed-ridden. I was initially diagnosed to have sciatica.

But later, it was linked to osteoporosis and finally, multiple myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow).

Where am I now? Sick and not earning enough for medical expenses and living expenses.

But God is good. He provides. He has given me friends and relatives who continue to help to this day in whatever area I need.

I don't want to exchange places with anyone. I am happy though not perfectly contented. In my own way, I think that the world has been a better place just because I existed. Through my books, through this blog, through my other writings, through my special brand of humor, through my genuine kindness, through my attitude of gratitude, through my positive thinking and more.

My name is Nimia. Age 50.

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