Monday, April 25, 2011

Everything is Relative

Yup, everything is relative...

...What is heavy? To an ant, a teeny-tiny crumb of bread is me, my old laptop is most people, the weights that weightlifters carry is extremely heavy.

...What is delicious? To those who barely have anything to eat, almost anything is me, I have my favorites (lechon, kare-kare, crispy pata, lechon kawali, etc.) but I am often "deprived" of eating food that are forbidden due to health reasons, or are too those who can eat anything they want, they could either be grateful for such blessings or sick and tired of eating.

...What is fame? To those who want the attention and glamor of famous people, fame is something to aspire me, I used to dream of being famous some day but not anymore (I just want to live the simple life) those who are famous, fame could either be a curse or something to cherish while they have it.

...What is beauty? To those who are not particularly good-looking, beauty is something to admire from me, I am glad I was pretty when I was young and though at 50, my looks have changed, I am glad that I still like what I see in the mirror...To those who are ravishingly beautiful, they can either be vain and proud or humble enough to know that their beauty is a gift from God.

...What is nature? To those who are too busy to notice nature, nature does not exist...To me who loves nature, I enjoy gazing at sunsets and looking at pictures of nature on the internet...To the nature-lovers, they take every opportunity to go nature-tripping.

...What are trials? To those who have led the smooth life, trials could be me, with my share of trials, I am confident that God will see me through each and every tribulation but I could still feel those who have learned to weather the storms in life, trials are faced with courage and hope.

What's my point? Wherever you are, whoever you there is always someone better or worse than you. So no need to be envious nor dejected. Let's call this the theory of relative thinking.

Did I make you feel better? Hope so.

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