Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Looking Back

Today, two clients consulted me. Boy, I feel great being a "consultant"...makes me feel important. (Like the rhyme? Ha ha)

I was craving for french fries so I inquired downstairs. But it costed P56.50 and I had only P18 in my bag.

But then, when my mom arrived, what did she bring? French fries! And double cheeseburger from Mcdo. Yehey.

I was reading past posts of this blog but I did not finish all 667 posts. I saw typos here and there, and corrected them. Then, I realized...

...I discussed great times with family, friends and loved ones often

...I shared my feelings - when I was happy and when I was sad

...I talked about busy days and times when I had much time on my hands

...I tried to be funny, I tried to be inspiring

...I attempted to be profound but I could be shallow, too

...I described what I love to do and took time to do

...I exclaimed "Yehey", "Yahoo", "Yay" and "Thank You, Lord" often enough

Which leads me to wonder? Am I really doing justice to this blog entitled, "Humor and More"? Sure, I can copy jokes from the Internet but that would be cheating in a way, and less spontaneous.

When I am gone, will people re-read the stuff I have been writing?

And so, I resolve...

...to write with more love and devotion

...to be funny by being alert to the humor that each day brings, and to remember what made me or other people laugh in the past

...to come up with more food for thought without forcing it

...to be cognizant of the fact that there are people following this blog and they might need to be cheered up or inspired

...to allow God to use me as His instrument of love and joy through this site

Here's a profile of my nose, but note my white hair ha ha.

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