Saturday, January 17, 2009

Coloring Coloring Books

I'm almost a golden girl but guess what? I still enjoy coloring coloring books! Just like the little girl in the picture, I can be totally engrossed with the task of converting a black and white drawing into a work of art!

Yes, it takes great skill to... the right coloring materials. I can do "mixed medium" - crayons, craypas, colored pencils, pentelpens, etc.

...stay within the lines [In life, we must stay within lines, too.]

...choose the most appropriate color - but I don't limit myself to what is "realistic". Anyway, it's a little world I am creating. I do my own experimenting.

...make the right strokes, usually in the same direction for that clean, polished look.

...decide between making the colors light or dark by the amount of pressure I make on the paper - i.e. the more I press down the coloring material like crayons, the darker the effect

...put designs and patterns where there are none, like on clothes of the girls.

...apply make-up on the girls [Hey, maybe I should offer my services as make-up artist some time.]

...sometimes outline the figures with pentel for greater emphasis a good color for the background. [Yes, I even color the background of many of my pictures. It makes the whole thing even more attractive.]

I have a confession to make. Plenty of times in the past, when I was feeling low, down or even downright depressed, I would color coloring books! Then, I would feel so much better. Try can be therapeutic for you, too!

All of us have our down times. Find your own "coloring book". Oftentimes, we need to be our own therapist.

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