Monday, January 19, 2009

Mahirap Maging Mahirap (It's Hard to be Poor)

Some years ago, I wrote the lyrics of a funny song and asked a certain Manny Durmiendo to compose the melody.

Here are the lyrics:

Wala akong pera - (I don't have any money)

Mahirap lang ako, (I'm only poor)

Ooooo, Mahirap lang ako! (Oh, I'm only poor!)

I. Mahirap ang ma-holdup (It's hard to be the victim of holduppers)

Kung wala kang ibibigay. (If there's nothing to give)

Mahirap ma-carnapan (It's hard to be the victim of carnappers)

Kung sa jeep sumasakay. (If you only ride the jeep)

Mahirap ang ma-kidnap (It's hard to be the victim of kidnappers)

Kung abonado pa sila. (If they will end up spending money instead)

Paano ka nanakawan (How can anything be stolen from you)

Kung ika’y walang-wala? (If you have absolutely nothing?)

II. Mahirap kang lumobo (It's hard for you to grow stout)

Kung wala namang makain. (If you have nothing to eat)

Mahirap ma-impatso (It's hard to get indigestion)

Sa isang platitong kanin. (On one saucer of rice)

Mahirap magkabisyo (It's hard to have a vice)

Kung walang panigarilyo. (When you don't have cigarette money)

Mahirap kang malasing (It's hard to get drunk)

Sa isang lunok ng gin. (On one swallow of gin)

Refrain: Mahirap maging mahirap (It's hard to be poor)

Masarap ding maging dukha (It's also great to be a pauper)

Matuto kang makuntento (Learn to be contented)

Maykaya man o wala. (Whether wealthy or not)

III. Mahirap kang habulin (It's hard to be pursued)

Ng babaeng golddigger. (By female golddiggers)

Mahirap kaibiganin (It's hard to be befriended)

Ng mga social climber. (By social climbers)

Mahirap kang ma-wan-tu-tri (It's hard to be deceived)

Ng mahusay na swindler. (By a good swindler)

Walang mawawala sa ‘yo (You have nothing to lose)

Kung hindi ka millionaire. (If you are not a millionaire)

IV. Mahirap kang kunin (It's hard to get you)

Na ninong sa kasal (As a godparent in a wedding)

Mahirap kang takbuhan (It's hard to be sought)

Ng mga umuutang. (By those who want to borrow money)

Mahirap kang kainggitan (It's hard to be envied)

Kung poor ka lang naman. (If you are just poor)

Mahirap ding yumabang ka (It's also hard to become haughty)

Kung ikaw ay isang dukha. (If you are a pauper)

(Repeat Refrain)

Finale: Bilangin ang biyaya (Count your blessings)

Pasalamatan ang Diyos (Thank the Lord)

‘Pagkat hindi nabibili (Because what cannot be bought)

Ang pag-ibig na lubos! (Is sincere, genuine love!)


So what started out as a funny song, ended on a serious note. I don't mean to offend anyone by this song - rich or poor. Although this is about the so-called blessings of being poor, I don't mean to imply in any way that being in a state of poverty is always good. We must try our very best to get out of being poor and dependent on others, or we should try to be richer than we are so that we can bless and help more people.

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