Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vicarious Love

Hay naku, feeling "morantic" na naman ako today. (Oh my, I'm feeling romantic again today.)

So, I'm sharing with you a poem I wrote when I was also in a romantic mood. In fact, it is the second to the last poem I wrote. [See January 3 post for the last one for my friends who got married recently.] Ironic, this poem is about vicarious love -- read, the kind of love that I don't have at present but that I'm not-so-secretly longing to have.

Here it is...

From Now On

How often have I looked up and gazed at stars

Telling myself, “Someone somewhere is looking at these same stars”

Just as lonely as me, searching for that special someone.

How often have I walked along lonely beaches

Asking myself, “Why isn’t anybody holding my hand?”

Are not these hands worth holding?

Then I met you

From that day on, I knew you were the one

I have been waiting for all these years.

Now, you have asked me to share your life forever

The tears fell as I said “yes!”

Finally, here is someone I could call my own.

From now on, I shall ask myself these questions.

What did I ever do to deserve you?

What did I do to be loved by you?

Somewhere in my past, I must

Have done something to deserve your love

The angels must have taken note of all

My good deeds

And you are my reward.

What a sweet reward!

I shall treasure you forever…from now on.

Yes, part of me will always be a hopeless, incurable romantic. But part of me is truly grateful that there are many people loving and caring for me. So, to all my loved ones, family, friends who make the loneliness go away and to God whose love for me is unconditional, I say "Thank You, all of you!"


  1. Very nice poem! Hope someday I'll be able to say that... but I have yet to find him... errr ..will he please find me!

  2. Thanks for appreciating my poem. Looks like we have a lot in common.


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