Friday, January 23, 2009

McDo Commercial (Girl's POV)

Okay, okay I know I'm late in blogging about the popular "First Love" McDo commercial. Well, better late than never.

But first, for the benefit of those (foreigners especially) who have not seen the ad,this one, it takes on the point of view of a man who remembers the first time he met "her" every time he passes by a McDonald's outlet. He was with his mom and his mom bumped into an old friend. The old friend was with her daughter who looks like Paraluman. (See picture below.) [Note: Paraluman was a famous actress in the Philippines many years ago.]

So this boy with glasses saw this cute little girl waving at him, swinging her legs under the table, talking incessantly and all of a sudden she did it - she dipped french fries on her chocolate sundae...just like he would do! Then, she gets his hand and pulls him towards the play area...The scene changes and they are grown-ups with the woman pulling the man's hands. We see the change of expression on the man's face as he sees that the woman is now married with one kid.

As they eat, the bespectacled man dips his french fries into his chocolate sundae. The woman smiles and the man smiles back. The last line, "At kahit na hindi rin naging kami sa huli, siya pa rin ang first love ko." (And even if we didn't end up together, she remains my first love.)

Aww, isn't that romantic? The incurable romantic in me simply melted when I saw and re-saw and re-saw that McDo commercial.

Now, let's do something different. What if we try to see things from the girl's point of view? What would have been her thoughts? Here goes...

(Upon seeing boy for the first time) Hey, he's real cute! Let me wave at him to catch his attention.

Hmm, why is he looking at me like that? Does not seem interested enough.

Let me see if I can get his attention this way (swings her legs under the table). He's looking but still no expression.

Here's our food. O wow, we ordered the same things! Why am I chatting uncontrollably? I get this way when I'm conscious of a boy. Oh well...french fries with chocolate sundae! Yummy!

Again, why that look on his face? Change of venue...I will bring him to the play area so I can have him for myself...

(Years later and behind the scenes) Oh hi! Remember me? We met right here in this place do you recall?...

Wait, come with me...I'll show you something or shall I say someone...Here, meet my hubby and our daughter.

Oops, he looks disappointed. Could it be? Nah, it couldn't be! After all these years...

Yehey, my favorite food of all time, McDonald's! Hey, I can't believe it! He is dipping french fries in his chocolate sundae. Just like the first time...He does love me after all these years! Why didn't he tell me, I could have said "Yes!" to him. I must be his one true love after all.

Hmm, shall I file for annulment?


Ha ha. Hope you enjoyed my "take" on the McDonald's "First Love" commercial.

My first love? That was many, many years ago, I don't recall the feeling anymore. And in fact, I have many "first loves", I don't know where to start counting.

One thing for sure, I will never dip my french fries in chocolate sundae just to get back my first love, whoever he is... I'm diabetic and no longer have the privilege of eating ice cream, that's why.


  1. Hi! I feel sad watching that commercial. How sad. Parang sayang.tsk tsk. I love happy endings.

  2. You can make you own happy endings in real life by dreaming and doing some things towards the realization of those dreams. Some dreams may not come true but we will be surprised that things turn out to be the best.


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