Thursday, January 8, 2009

Twinkle, Twinkle

Once in a while, I shall use this site to pay tribute to my friends and people I care for. There are soooh many - if I concentrated on this alone, I would have material to write till Kingdom come! So, I'm really here for the long haul.

Today, let me talk about "Twinkle" (not her real name because she's too shy to let the world know how great she is). Last night, I wrote a thank-you letter in powerpoint presentation to her. But first as a backgrounder, just who is "Twinkle"?

1) She is a sister in community (we belong to the same Catholic Charismatic Community)
2) She was my prayer group leader
3) She is mestiza and prettier than me by "isang paligo" (one bath)
4) She loves to dance like me (she used to be a ballerina)
5) She is petite (we now have the same height since I lost 3 inches because of my osteoporosis)
6) She has the same birthmonth as me
7) She has treated me out and given me gifts many times

So here is the letter I wrote to her yesterday:

My dearest ______:

I want to thank you from the bottom of my bottomless heart for:

T - ruly caring for me through thick and thin (I was really fat when we first met, remember?)

W - ishing always the best for me (even during times when I least deserve it)

I - including me always in your prayers (because of them, I have come to believe in the power of prayer)

N - ot rejecting me when I am at my worst (to borrow words from that swing song - Last Dance - "...and when I'm bad, I'm so so bad!")

K - eeping in touch through the years (with you, I feel touched by an angel)

L - oving me more than just as a friend (more as a sister)

E - ver being there when I needed someone to talk to (countless of times in the past)

For all these and more, thank you! I love you, sister _____!

I keep saying that I count as among my greatest treasures, all the people who care for me - including friends like "Twinkle". (They more than make up for the fact that I still haven't found that special someone. But then again...)


  1. Real friends are rare jewels, glad you found your Twinkle.

  2. I have a constellation of friends but some "twinkle" brighter than the others.


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