Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Poem for the Wedding Couple

A few posts ago, I talked of my friend "C". Well, it's her wedding day today and I'm attending with my mom!

I wrote a poem for her and her groom so let me share it with you (I hope you don't mind my just using their initials):

I have a friend named C____
She's the bride as you know na [She's the bride, as you know already]
She had waited and waited
For the guy whom she wanted
And in her heart there's no room
But for B____ who's now the groom.

How on earth was she to know
That this Dr. D_____
The nice, kind-hearted cardio
Had eyes set on her also.
A story so romantic
Now they are very sweetik

And so I do wish and pray
That this loving couple may
Spend the rest of their young life
In joy as husband and wife.

May God continue to bless
You with much love, happiness
And kasama na sa list [And part of the list]
Ang non-stop marital bliss. [Is non-stop marital bliss.]
Congratulations to you
And of course, best wishes, too!


Ano? Jologs na jologs ba ang dating? Nagustuhan naman nila and I am reciting it tonight. (What? Doesn't it sound "jologs" [cheap/for the masses]? The couple liked it anyway and I am reciting it tonight.)

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