Monday, January 5, 2009

Tortang Torture Part 2 (Omelette Torture Part 2)

So how did our "tortilla de carne" (ground meat omelette) turn out?

As my cousin, Karen, would put it - "revueltos!". If it were hair, it would be wind-blown. In Tagalog, "buhaghag". In short, "sabog" (scattered). Like this:

What else went wrong?
1) The potato slices were too large (my mom cut them into smaller pieces) and too few
2) The onion slices were too large (and my mom cut them into smaller pieces) and there were too many left over because the onion was large
3) I didn't know how to slice the garlic either
4) I couldn't carry the oil bottle to pour on the pan (I still have a bad back)
5) There was too much ground pork and eggs we had to transfer some of the mixture to another pan
6) The whole process took 45 minutes!

I guess I have to give up my ambition to become a chef someday haha.

However, in fairness, the "scattered" omelette tasted delicious. Or were we that hungry? There must be truth in "Sa mga gutom, lahat masarap!" (To the hungry, everything tastes delicious!). So, with just my mom and I eating, here is what's left. Not bad for a first attempt!

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