Monday, January 26, 2009

A Super Time with Super Friends

Yesterday was a fun day...because I spent it with old friends. "Old" in more ways than one. We go back 1997 when all of us attended a scriptwriting workshop under Mr. Nestor Torre.

We first went to Shangrila Restaurant in Times Street corner West Avenue. The whole thing was the treat of "NL" who got guilty for not showing up in many of our get-togethers. (Thank God for guilty friends). He ordered a set meal for 10 people but there were only 5 of us so I ended up bringing home food to my mom and my other friend, "KN" gave the rest to streetchildren.

Speaking of food, here's the list (I'm not sure how they're called but this is how I would name them): corn and crab soup, yang chow rice, squid with beans, lumpiang shanghai, sweet & sour meat balls, breaded fried chicken, wet noodles, buchi and Coke Zero. Delicious!

Later, KN treated us to a coffee shop so she can get the free notebook on promo.

So, the food and coffee was great, but the company was even better. Let me see...

"KN" - is an experienced scriptwriter for television and the movies. She is also active in serving at the Correctional Institute for Women. KN is spearheading the gift-giving activity to be held at the CIW this January 30. (Donations, anyone?) That's KN for you - big talent, big heart. And by the way, she's going to introduce me to speed-dating at Facebook (Exciting!)

"RC" - is a private person. She is the _________ of ________, an award-winning _________, an accomplished _________, and a teacher of _________. She was the one who encouraged me to blog, and to translate all my Tagalog words into English for the benefit of English-speaking readers. So, without RC, you wouldn't be reading this blog. RC also encourages me to join the Palanca awards with the screenplay I am working on as entry. There you have it - RC, the tip-giver and encourager.

"RN" - is a writer-editor who also sings so well, he sings at weddings. He's very kind and nice - in other words, kinda nice. He was the culprit who brought red wine recently (see previous post entitled "Guilty of Alcoholo Abuse"). Even if RN lives a good distance away, he finds time to join our get-togethers. RN - maaasahan kahit saan (reliable anywhere).

And last but certainly not the least, "NL" - he is the only non-writer in the group. But he is accomplished in his own right (and left). He is the HR manager of a very large company yet is very humble. He has a great sense of humor. And as mentioned, when guilty, he can be very galante (generous). He's cute in his own right and opinion (he-he). The others kept teasing us to each other so I rode along and told NL - "I'm giving you only two years to court me. Otherwise, times up!" Why two years? Because by then, I will be 50 and he'll be 42! Ha ha, cradle snatcher!

Oh well, times like these should be treasured. There will be many more get-togethers but I doubt very much if NL will be willing to pay for a set meal for 10 persons again.

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