Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Signs" - A Short but Aww Love Story

"It's a sign!", Meg Ryan or some other character would always say in my favorite movie, "Sleepless in Seattle".

Recently, a friend of mine (Bjorn) posted a beautiful video entitled "Signs". I wish I could post it here but I have yet to figure it out. The lead characters are Jason (Nick Russell) and Stacey (Kestie Morsaai). In the entire 12-minute short film, they spoke not a word.

Jason is your typical "probinsiyano", shy, somewhat nerdy guy - a social outcast. He just didn't know how to relate. He was bored with his job, bored with his life.

Until one day, as he glanced out of his window, he saw her. This beautiful woman drinking bottled water and typing on her laptop. She saw him looking. He pretended to look the other way. Her boss arrived to talk to her. He took the opportunity to look again. She caught him looking at her. So she wrote a sign, "Take a Photo". He didn't get the joke so she wrote, "I'm kidding".

They exchanged names and "nice to meet u's". That was the beginning of the exchange of signs between two people who worked in buildings across each other. They had so much fun! And Jason posted all those signs on his refrigerator.

One day, Stacey was looking at Jason in a strange way. She wrote, "I have a secret...I was looking at u first." That gave Jason the courage to write "Do you want to meet?" But before he could show the sign, Stacey was called by her boss.

So, Jason practiced on how to show the sign. He couldn't wait for the following day.

The following day came. He showed the sign. But to his great dismay, there was a new guy who took Stacey's place!

Jason became dejected and very sad.

Then, suddenly, someone was shining a light on his face using a mirror. Turns out that Stacey was trying to get his attention from an upper floor.

She showed a sign "I got promoted". Jason wrote "We should celebrate". Stacey wrote back "Absolutely!". Finally, Jason showed the sign "Do you want to meet?". Stacey's answer "Thought you'd never ask."

Jason rushed down his office. Waited for the traffic light. The two walked towards each other. As Jason was starting to say Hi, Stacey said "Shh" and held up a sign that said "Hi" with a heart.

Aww, wasn't that cute and romantic? I wish you could see it. Go to my site in Facebook, it's there.

Here I go again. Vicarious love. So what? I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

In life, God gives us signs of His love. Everywhere. All He is asking is for us to say, "I love You, Lord". And He would have said, "Thought you'd never say that".


  1. is there anywhere else you can get this video? can i post somewhere else besides facebook?

  2. I asked my friend and he does not know either. He got the video through Facebook, too. Sorry.

  3. In case you didn't find it, this is the original distribution in the highest quality format:

    Click to go into the lobby of the theatre. You can start a movie by clicking on its poster. There are some other shorts there as well.

  4. i can't view this short film at FB and YouTube anymore. but i found this link:

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