Friday, January 16, 2009

Laughing Family

There was this wonderful website where I took all sorts of tests. [Tickle no longer exists and is replaced by]

One such test is about one's family and what sets it apart. My test results read:

Nimia, your family's different when it comes to Laughing Together

Cough drops? Nah. Aspirin? No thanks. You know that when it comes to a cure-all for your family, laughter truly is the best medicine. Whether you spend more time fixing meals, playing games, or going on picnics together, you and your family make any activity a cause for celebration and smiles.

Sure, like any family, every once in a while you face hard decisions that require a thinking cap and a serious face. But you know that by trying to find something positive in any situation, you can learn from every experience. What a great role model!

Indeed, the Gamo family is a laughing family. When we were growing up, we spent many of our meals exchanging jokes and anecdotes.

Our late father, Atty. Napoleon Gamo, was the witty one. He was known for his wise quips -- a sign of a brilliant mind. Example:

Q: What is worse than seeing a worm in your apple?
A: Seeing half a worm in your apple!

My elder brother, Kuya Noel, is the master mimic. He would sing sintonado (off-key) just like the late comedian, Ading Fernando. He would also imitate the character popularized by Leo Martinez, Tong-gressman Manik-Manaog. Even without having to copy anybody, my Kuya is naturally funny.

My three other siblings - Oyie, Norenz and Nerick - recycled jokes they heard from their friends. Their delivery was good enough to elicit the laughter due them.

Me? I was the corny one. Whenever I would start to crack a joke, everyone would change the topic. Just how corny am I? Assuming that you haven't read any of my past posts and don't know me from Adam, here is an example [Sorry, you don't have a choice. This is my blog.]:

Use Matthew in a sentence.
After shampooing, use a hair dryer para MATTHEW ang buhok mo.

That leaves us with just one member of our family. Our mom. She is absolutely the worst joke-teller I know! For three reasons:
1) She would repeat old jokes and anecdotes over and over again.
2) Just when she would reach the punchline, she would laugh uncontrollably.
3) And worst of all, when she is about to say the punchline, she forgets it completely!

Other people would get frustrated, but to me, my mom is the funniest!

Now that all of us have children, we have passed on the humor genes to the next generation. Here's proof:

Yup, it is a good thing we weren't a bunch of eggs. We would crack each other up. (Sorry, I couldn't resist that one).

P.S. Happy monthsary, everyone! That means that I have been writing in this blog for a month already. My goal is to post every single day. Can I make it? Abangan! (Watch out for it!)

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