Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year Text Messages

Every year, I receive a lot of New Year greetings via e-mail and text messaging. Zeroing in on the latter, here are some of them (and my comments in parentheses).
[BTW, this is the actual model of one of my celphones, a red Nokia 5200 I bought for P6,000 last February, 2008. Good buy, in my opinion.]

"The 365 days of our 2008 are almost over, and while we're still on its 364th, let me thank you for being a special part of my 2008! HAPI NEW YEAR! (from a work assistant of sort; and to think I often scolded her!)

"2008 is nearing its end. It has been a great year...despite and inspite. We smile as we look back at happy moments, victories and successes, no matter how small. We relish life and all its struggles. Let us forget all the unpleasant times and thank our Lord for giving us new mornings and better tomorrows. WISHING YOU AND YOUR FAMILY A GRACE LADEN NEW YEAR (from a colleague; Wow! A grace-laden new year! That's something new and I claim it!)

"TIME & THINGS dont really last. What matters are the people we care about & the values we dare to live & share...Let life be as beautiful as ur heart. God bless u n ur family. HAPPY NEW YEAR (from a would-be/potential client; I hope he becomes a real client this year)

"Prayer is my special gift for you always. This is wrapped with faith, given with hope, and sent with love. Happy New Year" (from a prayerful woman; I hope to imitate her)

"May the God of abundance shower you & your family with health, wealth, & stability this coming days. Happy New Year and God bles u always. (from another prayerful woman; God bless all the prayerful people for the prayers of the righteous have much power)

"Wishing you God's bountiful blessings of Family, Love, Happiness, Prosperity, Health & Strength in 2009. Happy New Year! God bless! (from a client; I could sure use all the blessings she wished for me!)

"Faith makes all things possible, hope makes all things work, love makes all things beautiful. May u have all 3 in 2009! A blesses New Year! (from one of my closest friends; who but best friends would wish the best for you?)

"Peace in ur HEART, Health in ur BODY, Wealth in ur LIFE. Joy in ur HOME, May you always be blessed with these priceless treasures. Merrier New Year 2009 & God bless! (from a suitor; sa kasawiang palad...) [from a suitor but as fate would have it...]

"Hi mam! Isang manigo at masayang bagong taon para sa yo at sa yong pamilya! [Hi mam! A prosperous and happy new year to you and your family!] (from a former student who is one of my 58 favorite students in a class of 58)

"May this New Year bring many opportunities ur way, to explore every joy of life & may ur resolutions for the days ahead stay firm, turning your dreams into reality & ur efforts into great achievements. Happy New Year!" (from a former student; I do hope magdilang-anghel siya!) [from a former student; I do hope all her wishes for me will come true!]

"If you're shopping for a happy ending and you couldn't find a new beginning instead"
- THE last person to greet you Happy New Year 2009 (I really thought this came from my current crush. Yun pala, from another one of my former students.) [I really thought this came from my current crush. Turns out, it was from another one of my former students]

Let me end with a joke, texted pa rin: [Let me end with a joke, still texted to me]
"Lapit na Nu Yr, wag suot POLKADOTS symbol yan barya [New Year is approaching, do not wear polka dots because they are a symbol of loose change/coins]
Suot ikaw rectangle, sign yun TSEKE [Wear rectangle, sign of bank checks]
pero wag kang tatalon pala indi tatalbog TSEKE. [But do not jump because the checks will bounce]
Hapi New Year!"
(from another close friend; what are friends for kundi patawanin tayo?) [From another close friend; what are friends for but to make us laugh?]


  1. Happy New Year Ma'am! :) I wish that you will always be safe and in good health this year and even beyond. Yay!

  2. Salamat Adz at ikaw yata ang masugid na tagasubaybay ng blog ko. Tulungan mo naman si Michelle S. Gusto raw niyang mag comment pero walang lumalabas. Bakit kaya?


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