Tuesday, January 20, 2009

70 Turning 140

My best friend's mom celebrated her 70th birthday last Sunday at Cajun Restaurant in Retiro. Great food! Asiad salad, carbonara, California maki, pork ribs, ice cream...Wait a minute, why am I talking about the food ahead of other things? (Shows my priorities.)

We did have a lot of fun. Beside me was a pretty, sexy girl about to celebrate her debut. Across me was a woman whose business is balloons and other party stuff. To my right was an OB-Gynecologist from whom I got free medical advice.

They put up a tarpauline greeting the celebrant plus her grandson who was also celebrating his 15th birthday. With big pictures of them, it looked more like an election campaign material!

I was tasked to say the opening prayer where I said "Thank You for the 70 wonderful years that You gave Mommy. May she have 70 more." Everyone laughed. But the celebrant doesn't really like that long a life.

After the eating, there was an honoring of the birthday celebrant. Many wished her a happy, peaceful, not necessarily long life and each gave her flowers just like in a debut. Mommy Rina was moved to tears. (Maybe she remembered her own debut and how long ago that was!)

My own mom is 76. I'm almost 48. Quite a long way till I reach 70. But would I want to live till 140? Frankly, no. And it's not likely either. What with my many illnesses...

But whatever the age, I think what matters most is that we try to live life to the fullest. It doesn't always mean being in full gear all the time. Sometimes, taking time to rest and "not doing anything productive" is still part of living a full life.

To all those celebrating their 70th birthday (or thereabouts), happy birthday! May God grant you as long a life as you need to be happy and make many other people happy.


  1. wow, that was such a nice way to celebrate someone's 70th birthday, with the ceremony part :)

  2. My mom celebrated her 71st birthday in a special way, too. When we reach that age, it's really a blessing and one deserves to be "honored".


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