Sunday, February 15, 2009

25 More Random Things About Me

I said some posts back that I was tagged again to give 25 Random Things About Me. So, whether you like it or not, here are more things about me that I am willing to share.

1) I love perfume! Over the years, among my favorites were Tatiana, White Linen, and Pleasures.

2) But should I run out of perfume, I'm okay with Johnson's Baby Cologne.

3) My hair is brown, my eyes are brown, but thank God, my armpits aren't!

4) Given the chance to visit one place on earth other than in the Philippines, I think I would love to go to Hawaii!

5) I also long to go on a Marian pilgrimage or a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

6) I hate ginger and pepper on my food with just a few exceptions.

7) In a Japanese restaurant, I always order tempura. If the budget permits it, I would also like some sashimi, California Maki, kani salad, tofu...please.

8) I hate it when restaurants and coffee shops have joint "his and hers" comfort rooms.

9) To keep my face smooth, I wash with Dove soap and apply Pond's cream.

10) I like reading mystery/suspense books by Mary Higgins Clarks, James Patterson, John Grisham, Tom Clancey, Robert Ludlum and the like.

11) In school, the subjects I loved most were Math and English.

12) I have an almost illegible handwriting and yet my classmates would borrow my notebooks because I took down notes practically verbatim.

13) At different points in my life, I lived in an old house in Manila, in a big house in Quezon City, in an apartment near that big house, in a boarding house in Cubao, and now in a condo in Cubao.

14) I love to sing but I sing offkey, it's actually a torture to hear me sing.

15) I've had three cars in my lifetime - a Toyota Corona, a Mitsibushi Lancer (box type), and a Toyota Corolla (ex-taxi).

16) My first car was jokingly called CoGeGa by my friends in college because parts of it were Corona, Gemini and Gallant.

17) My high school barkada (gang) was the quiet type but my college barkada (gang) was the "sosyal" (classy) type according to many people.

18) I prefer sunsets to sunrise. And I love gazing at stars at night and when the moon is full...awoooh!

19) I don't like swimming in the ocean - am even scared of it. But I like walking along the seashore with the feel of sand on my feet.

20) I don't know how to ride the bicycle.

21) I don't know how to swim, much less how to scuba dive.

22) I can type fast all letters of the alphabet without looking at the keys.

23) I noticed that most Filipinos mispronounce the word "comfortable". Accent should be on the first syllable.

24) I like applying Vicks on my nostrils. It's a habit that I acquired since childhood days.

25) I can roll my tongue into a letter "U" but I don't know how to whistle.

I wonder - can anybody really run out of random things to say about oneself especially if that person is nearing 50?


  1. Mission accomplished! Which particular comment/s made you smile?

  2. I meant which random thing or item made you smile?


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