Friday, February 6, 2009

If I Had a Daughter

Someone tagged me again in Facebook to write 25 Random Things About Me. Since I just did that yesterday, I will refrain from doing that today. (One of these days, yes.)

What I want to talk about is daughters. Yes, you read right. Daughters.

I have only one child - a male. You can therefore conclude that I don't have any daughter/s.

But IF I had a daughter...

...I would have experimented on her hair - braids, pony tails, pig tails, etc. - no matter how short it is

...I would have bought her beautiful clothes with pretty shoes to match her lovely looks (which she would have inherited from me)

...I would have bought her dolls, tea sets, computer games, and whatever toy is appropriate for her age (and my budget)

...I would have brought her with me everywhere - to malls, movies, parks, zoos, museums - for as long as she was willing to go with me

...I would never embarrass her in public, refrain from nagging her, discipline her only when necessary

...I would have taught her how to apply make-up - not too little, not too much either - to highlight her best features (if she looked like me that would have been her nose and eyes and lips and cheeks and...)

,,,I would have told her about boys - which ones are safe, which ones to approach with caution, which ones to avoid, and which ones to flee from

...I would have spent hours and hours with her talking about anything and everything under the sun

...I would have cried a pail of tears at her debut and buckets of tears at her wedding

...I would have hugged and kissed her as often as I could and in public (as often as she would allow it)

...I would have given her advice when she had problems, I would have given her my shoulder to lean on, I would have embraced her tightly when words were not enough nor necessary

...I would have, I would have, I would have...

But God, in His wisdom, gave me a son instead. And I would not exchange all the joy and happiness for having the son that I have for the daughter I never had.

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