Monday, February 23, 2009

Games I Used To Play

In our house in Quezon City, we had a terrace which was our play area when we were small. I remember the earliest game I would play was pretending to be hostess as I served tea and food to my imaginary guests. I would also have a doll and pretend to be mom. But I didn't like playing "bahay-bahayan" (house-house) because my older brother would not have wanted to play dad. He of course preferred to play with guns.

Among the games I used to play as a little girl was piko (hopscotch). I enjoyed playing that game because I had a good chance of winning it. It requires just a little flexibility and a pretty good aim within a manageable distance. It didn't need teamwork. So, I played piko for quite a long period of time.
I also played "habulan" (a game of tag). That one, I didn't like. I was often "it" because I ran too slowly. (I've always attributed my running slowly to my being flat-footed.) Same reason I didn't like hide-and-seek.

Looking back, I think the games I enjoyed most are the ones where I could either create my own world or have a good chance of winning. I'm not sports-minded so I hated PE classes involving sports (soccer, pingpong, volleyball). But I would make up through PE classes that have to do with dancing.

In college, I avoided taking up sports for Physical Education. I took up Social Dancing and Camping. Easy and fun!

Today, I like solving Sudoku puzzles and I enjoy playing Scrabble (with or without co-players).

I think, no matter how old we are, we should never stop playing games. Mental games especially. Games not only make life interesting and fun. They make up grow in different ways - socially, mentally, emotionally, etc.

So, happy playing guys! Walang pikunan! (No bad sport!)

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