Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday with My Best Friend

Yesterday was supposed to be a quiet Sunday. But to my delight, my best friend Amy came over to visit.

She brought pichi-pichi (delicious!). I gave her chips, dip and juice for merienda. Later, we ate the cabbage roll that my mom cooked.

I showed Amy the blog I wrote about her mom's 70th birthday. She liked it so much, she had a copy printed.

The main purpose of the visit was I asked her to edit the book that I am writing. It is on bi-polar mood disorder which I wrote in obedience to my psychiatrist. I can't reveal the title here because it is supposed to be "anonymously written".

As I read aloud my manuscript, Amy laughed at my punchlines. She gave suggestions on how to improve my work. When I asked her directly if I should do this or that, she would answer. I would say Amy was a great help in polishing my book. [But my other friend, Sy, would not use the word "polishing" because according to him it is used for removing dust off one's television. Funny guy!]

Amy and I go way back. We first met in the mid-1990s when we joined the Tabitha branch of the Light of Jesus Catholic Charismatic Community. Perhaps, the reason we are the best of friends is that we have a lot of things in common:

...we are both separated and single again

...we both have one good-looking child/son

...we both have widowed mothers in their 70's

...we both love to eat so we are both "a little chubby"

...we are both sweet and loving

...we both have a good sense of humor and love to laugh

...we are both involved in marketing research

...we are both pretty (see picture)

Actually, I can go on and on. I thank God for great friends like Amy. Always reliable. Can be trusted. Ever generous. Loving.

Thanks, best friend!

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