Monday, February 9, 2009

I Made It Through the Pain

Just two years ago, I was bedridden. Sick with sciatica which means "pinched nerve" and the sciatic nerve is the longest, largest group of nerves in the body.

Oh, the pain! Indescribably excruciating!

And I could barely move. We had to get a maid, Beth, to assist me in almost everything. Beth brushed my teeth, shampooed my hair, fed me, gave me my medicines - and worst of all, changed my diapers and "cleaned me up". (Yuk!)

Initially, I just kept crying. Then, I turned to prayer. Soon, miracles began to happen.

God sent me not one, but two, therapists to help me get well.

He also sent family and friends to come and visit me. They brought food, flowers, cards, books, and cash. The company alone lifted my spirits. Guess how many visitors I had? 87! I know the exact number because I listed all their names.

And so, I survived that crisis in my life. I eventually got well enough to work and function normally.

The reason I'm telling you this story is that I am in pain again. Not bedridden, thank God! But still in a lot of pain. My back has been aching terribly for the past months. And my red blood cell count has been low for almost a year already.

Today, I had a bone marrow test. There was a point when the hematologist asked me to breathe deeply. The purpose was for me to bear the pain. Now, with the wound still very fresh and my back pain, I don't know how I can sleep tonight.

But I know I shall make it through the pain. I've done it before, I can do it again - with a lot of help.

Barry Manilow might not like my changing the title of his song but yes, one day, I shall say and sing again, "I Made It Through the Pain".


  1. I'll pray for you ma'am. Get well soon.

  2. Thanks, Ace. You're so sweet. Read your blog at pinagalitan kita don he he


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