Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's Great to be 48!

I had a great day today, my 48th birthday!

1) I had lots of well-wishers and greeters even before today (because I announced it in Facebook and to anybody who cares to know). [My son remembered to greet me, yehey!] I would say counting e-mail, Facebook, "live"/face-to-face greetings, text messaging, YM but nope no message in a bottle or kite in the sky - I received almost a hundred "Happy birthdays". If that alone doesn't make me happy, I don't know what will.

2) This morning I was able to work on a report and emailed it to Client.

3) A friend and client, Rensy, treated me out for lunch at Dencio's in Araneta Center. We had pancit molo, inihaw na tuna belly, sizzling sisig, crispy kangkong, and drinks. Aside from kwento, we discussed business. Before she left, she gave me a gift - a sweet-scented cologne (just what I needed!)

4) Rensy's daughter, Bianca, and Bianca's two classmates met with me to ask for advice regarding their school paper. I tried to help as much as I could and promised to continue helping them. The "meeting" helped me keep busy for my next appointment which was a dinner date with another good and old friend.

5) Rexy arrived at about 5 pm and she decided to treat me to Italianni's. Sosyal! We had pasta, pizza, latte and Coke Zero. Rexy helped me find a cab and brought me up to my condo unit. We chatted a little longer before she left for home-cum-office.

6) All is set for my charity work tomorrow. Perfect timing! Just the day after my birthday, I will be reaching out to others. I shall give you the details tomorrow.

God is good! I didn't bump into my Prince Charming but a good-looking waiter helped me get up from my seat. Ang babaw ko no? (How shallow of me!)

I didn't get a coloring book but a nice cologne! Tomorrow, someone is giving me a rosary!

Thank You, Lord, for a fun-filled day!


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