Thursday, February 12, 2009

And the Winner Is...

At last, the OWOH blog event is officially over and I have a winner!

Before I announce the winner's name, let it be known how I selected her. Being the marketing researcher that I am, I did it in the most fair and just way. Each "commenter" had to have an equal chance of winning. There were 110 of them by 12 noon of today which I announced to be my deadline. And so, I wrote 1 to 55 on pieces of paper, and wrote "1st" and "2nd" on two more pieces of paper. I asked a non-biased person, the only other occupant of the condo I am staying in to draw the winning number (my mom, who else?). She drew up "32" and "1st". I counted the 32nd commenter [note: if she had drawn "2nd", I would have picked no. 64, get me?] and so the winner is...

Ms. Diane P. of Illinois, USA!

I immediately contacted her by email and in her own words, she said:

"Wow, I am so excited!!! Thank you SO MUCH!
I am thrilled!"

She, of course, gave me her complete name and address. For her prize, aside from my book, "Things I Learned From My Father", I am giving another book, my first one - "Something to Thank About". (Remember? The one that saved a life as I wrote about some posts back?)

I'm pretty sure she will appreciate both books because Diane happens to have MS. I visited her site and she says in her profile:

"I have Multiple Sclerosis and am on long term disability. There may be nasty surprises lurking ready to pounce, BUT the silver lining to this dark cloud is that I have as much freedom to create as my MS-related fatigue and mild cognitive impairment will allow. It's not always easy, but . . . Life is still good!"

I told her that I have a bi-polar disorder and maybe God has a purpose for putting the two of us together. (Of course, all the other participants are welcome to correspond with me and visit my site anytime. I shall visit theirs, too, whenever I have the time.)

Diane says:

"I have a good friend who is bi-polar, and I know the pain (and heartache) his disease has caused him. His is under control now with medication - I hope yours is as well. I am actually one of the lucky ones with MS - my symptoms are not severe and I can still walk, although my balance causes me to walk into walls a lot. My largest symptom is a speech problem - very unusual in MS - it's very hard to speak and the words don't come out right. The saddest part of having MS for me is the lack of energy - or maybe it' actually that everything is so much harder to do anything - harder to think, harder to talk, harder to move about.

You would probably enjoy a site I found
Read the spoon theory - it's the second article in the center on the home page. It helps me get through the day to think about "spending" spoons and how many I have left."

Yes, The spoon theory is an interesting read. I urge you to look it up, too. I'm going to write about it soon.

And yes, I agree with my new friend. Life is good! God is good! He could bring together two women with their own illnesses and start a beautiful friendship.


  1. LOL, I should have made a candy heart announcement too! Write a post about living in the Phillipines for those of us who have never been there - I love hearing about new worlds!

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