Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Bad, The Good and the Best

How do you eat a slice of pineapple? Some start from the sweet end down to the sour end. Others do it the other way around. Still others start in the middle and go either way at random. In fact, there are many ways to eat pineapple! One can even slice it further and eat any small slice for the fun of it.

I'm the sour-to-sweet type.

So here are some bad news:

...I went to three doctors today and I have yet to see another one on February 17

...Two of my doctors required me to take tests costing about P20,000

...I have no money coming in as of yet

...My back is still aching such that I have to wake up in the middle of the night

The good news?

...Yesterday, I received a can of butter cookies, a bag of sugar-free chocolates
and a cute teddy bear!

...I'm reading a nice suspense book entitled "Tick Tock"

...My psychiatrist set up a support group for bi-polar patients like me

...I'm attending a debut this Saturday

...The principal of an exclusive girls' school liked the talk I was supposed to give this February (but moved the actual delivery to May, which is better to give me more time to prepare)

The best part?

The realization that even if in a span of 24 hours, I received both bad news and good news, I still have the choice not to dwell on the bad but focus on the good.

Happy best news!


  1. Hi ma'am! You have an interesting way of commencing every topic :D I posted an entry also regarding unpleasant things that happened to me within the day. And yet, as I was about to go to sleep, I realized there were more happy things that were laid out before me during the day. And I wasn't surprised. No matter how awful something may be, the good things will always eclipse them, and everything will seem to be trivial :)


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