Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wishes on the Eve of My Birthday

Surprise, surprise! Tomorrow is my 48th birthday! It's no surprise to most of my friends though because I keep reminding them of the day I was born.

So what are my wishes for my birthday? (Don't worry. The list isn't 48 items long.)

1) I wish my son will greet me before the day is over (he does not stay we me all week long).

2) I wish I will have enough load in my two cellphones to thank all those who will remember to greet me by celphone.

3) I wish I will get to eat Japanese food. But if my friend who's treating me out for lunch has different plans, I'm okay with Chinese, American, Italian, Filipino...

4) I wish I will receive enough donations to make the girls we will be visiting on Thursday, (February 19) happy. They are under an NGO but I can't give more details.

5) I wish my other "date", another female friend, will have fun together - she's treating me to merienda or dinner.

6) I wish I will enjoy just looking around Gateway after my lunch date and before my other date and who knows, bump into my Prince Charming.

7) I wish I will be able to collect my receivables and have more projects in order to pay my mom the enormous amount I owe her already.

8) I wish the MRI that I am supposed to undertake won't show that I have to undergo surgery.

9) I wish my medical expenses will go down and/or my income will go up so that my mom will not have to keep paying for everything ahead of time.

10) I wish all my loved ones (family, relatives, and friends) will be/remain happy and that I could contribute to their happiness in my own little way.

See? Ten teeny-tiny wishes. Are these too much to ask?

Noticed that I did not wish for material stuff like jewelry (not fond of them), clothes (have enough for the moment), books (I can always borrow from others). But hey, I'm okay with coloring books.


  1. Advanced happy birthday Nimia! May God who is the giver of every good gift lavish you with His love and His peace! See you on Thursday!

  2. Advance happy birthday ma'am! By the way, It's nica's birthday today. Oops. Alam ko na kasunod nyan. Tama na. Haha. Natuwa lang ako sa connection.


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