Sunday, February 1, 2009

My February 2009 Resolutions

My, my how fast time flies! It's already the second month of the new birth month!

How was January and what are my February 2009 resolutions?

...I was able to throw a lot of stuff away so there's nothing much to throw but I am still not tidy; so I resolve to be neat by keeping things properly stocked and stored

...I was able to write daily in my Spiritual journal and read/listen to Bible reflections; I was able to say the rosary but not daily; so I resolve to pray the rosary daily and read Scripture everyday

...I "cooked" only tortang giniling and gelatin and that's it; I will try to learn how to cook one to two dishes a week

...I learned a lot about the computer, Internet and blogging thanks to my assistant, Khay; I resolve to continue learning this month not just computer-related matters

...I served my mom by washing the dishes, massaging her feet and hands, scratching her back but not on a daily basis; I resolve to do these things more often

...The only time I spent quality time with my son was when we played Scrabble; I resolve to spend more time with him this month

...I was able to write a book on my bi-polar disorder and started my screenplay, "Ang Mundo ng Minda"; I resolve to finish my draft of my book and finish the sequence treatment of my screenplay

...I gained weight this past month; I resolve to lose at least 5 lbs. this month

...I resolve to avoid sin

...I resolve to try to earn money to be able to pay my debt (at least partially) to my mom

And so, January 2009 was not a bad month. But could have been better.

I look forward to a love-ly February. The month when I will be turning 48. Sigh.

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