Friday, February 20, 2009

The Party

It was not meant to be a party for me. Yesterday, I and some friends visited an NGO for abused girls. There were more than 20 of them.

But before we could start our program, the first thing the girls did was sing "Happy Birthday". I was deeply touched and that was only the beginning!

My two friends, Patsy and Tina, taught the girls how to make hand-made paper. The girls enthusiastically learned the craft. Such that my other friend, RN (she wants to remain anonymous) volunteered to buy some of the materials for the girls.

Then, to our surprise and delight, the girls performed a four-dance number! They were great!

We had a couple of games thereafter and the winners got to choose their prizes.

While waiting for the food, I got to chat with a few girls. They may be smiling. Some of them were full of energy. But the eyes...the eyes were sad.

They noticed I was in a lot of pain. They said they will pray for me, "Ipagprepray ka namin, Ate Nimia".

I was starting to cough and had the beginnings of a cold so I asked a girl if she can find me some Vicks. Miracle of miracles! She had one right in her bag! Of all the 20+ girls in that place, I had to ask the one with Vicks Vaporub!

And of course, before we left for home, they gave me a hand-made card...the one I wrote about yesterday.

So, even if I was not feeling well, I'm so glad to have visited that place. I'm sure to come back as often as possible.

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