Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mother, Let Me Live

Not many of you may be aware of this but this month is not just the month of hearts. It is also officially the Pro-Life Month.

Years ago, I wrote the lyrics of a song entitled "O Mother Let Me Live". The beautiful melody was composed by my friend, Louis San Luis.

The founder of the Pro-Life Movement in the Philippines, Sr. Pilar Verzosa, used the song in some of their activities.

This song takes on the point-of-view of the fetus inside her mom's womb.

So here goes:

I. Here in your womb, I feel so warm
Far from the cold, from any harm
I long to see your lovely face,
I long to feel your tight embrace.

II. But I can hear you cry at night
I wish I could make all things right.
I sense and know that something's wrong
So listen please to this, my song.

Refrain 1:

Oh, mother, let me live
For I have so much love to give
Don't end my life this way
I have not seen the light of day.

III. Our Father made both you and me
To live a life so full and free
He has made sure this world has space
For both of us, for all our days

(Repeat Stanza II)

Refrain 2:

Oh, mother, let me live
For I hae so much joy to give.
Do you not wish to see
The gift I was meant to be?


I am so much a part of you
If you take my life, you'll take yours, too.

(Repeat Refrain 1 & 2)

Oh mother, dear mother, let me live!
When a friend of mine heard the song for the first time, she was moved to tears! How I wish I could make you hear this song - not because I wrote it but because it might actually prevent an abortion.

Someday, you will watch and hear "Mother, Let Me Live" in YouTube and imeem.

Happy Pro-Life Month everyone!

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