Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Rapy

Yup. You read right. The title says "The Rapy". But I'm just trying to be cute (not that I have to try too hard).

Today, I did things that would definitely fall under "therapy" and would delight my psychiatrist. These are...

...I "communicated" with someone I love and threshed things out with that person

...I attended a party (even if I was not officially invited) and got out of the condo

...I ate delicious food including lechon, buttered vegetables with quail eggs, rellenong manok, fish fillet, pancit canton, fruits with Coke Zero at the party

...I listened to great entertainment (a duo sang Beatles songs and a famous instrumentalist played heavenly music)

Best of all, I joined a support group for bi-polar patients like me. It was my first time to attend such a group. I really felt like I "belonged" - in more ways than one. I shared my story as briefly as possible (20 minutes tops). I found the other sharings very interesting, too, but I can't re-share them with you.

There is a book that we shall be studying and different persons will be assigned to lecture to the group. We are also forming an e-group for further communication. Some days, we might have some role-playing/acting, singing, etc. I just know I will have great fun with the group.

God is good. Very good. He turns the worst of crises into the best of times.

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