Saturday, March 14, 2009

Among My Kind

Today, I attended a meeting of my support group of bi-polar patients. Like the first time, I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

As there were new members, each one introduced himself/herself and said something about his/her experiences. I, of course, could relate to most of what they were saying. And I could empathize with everyone.

Many began with "I will make mine short only" but ended up with a rather long account of what happened in the past and/or the near future. It is indeed talk therapy and I felt good being among my kind.

I also had an "ulterior motive" for being present in the meeting. I wanted inputs to my script about a bi-polar patient. In particular, I wanted to know what is the usual reactions of other people, including family members upon finding out that one has a mood disorder.

[I am asking your help, too, my dear readers. Just answer two questions: What do you know of bi-polar mood disorder? What do you think of people who have such a condition?
Pretty please? You can write your answers through the comments section of this particular post.]

There was sharing of food - cookies, turon, softdrinks, peanuts, etc. No meeting is complete without food!

The meeting ended with a short lecture based on the first chapter of our official "textbook". I was tasked to conduct the next lecture.

I thank God for our psychiatrist, Dr. L. who helped put together the group. We are all benefitting from it.

How truly blessed I am!

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