Sunday, March 22, 2009

Work vs. Watching a Movie

Given a choice between working and watching a DVD, which would you do? I chose the latter.

Before you go judging me, let me tell you...

...I had a very busy week

...I stayed up late some nights

...I was tired most of the week because I've had to travel even with a bad back

...I spent most of today, Sunday, working

So, after dinner, I decided to give myself a treat. Why not watch a DVD of "27 Dresses", a romantic comedy (my favorite genre!). It's my reward for working so hard this week. I deserve it!

And I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Interesting, funny, enough twists and turns, not predictable. I'm glad I chose to watch it. Anyway, I have enough time to continue the work that I was doing and still meet my deadline.

We have to learn to have some fun at the end of a busy day.

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