Monday, March 30, 2009

Vivid Dreams

Once in a while, I have vivid dreams. The ones I remember more than seconds after waking up.

Just recently, I remember that I was losing my young child. After frantic searching, I just couldn't find him! My one and only child and he was gone! It was so scary so I willed myself to wake up . Reality check: My son is no longer 7 years old. He's a strong, very much present 20-year-old.

Interpretation: My son is graduating from college soon. He has been having his "own life" since high school. When he starts working, he will be all the more "gone" from my life. I miss the days when he was a little boy and clung to me. He even cries whenever I leave the house to go to work. How I wish I could bring back those days!

Another dream or recurrent dreams: Me, holding hands, embracing my favorite boyfriend or somebody special. Romantic! Sweet!...

...but upon waking up, there is no one holding me. Interpretation: I still long for that special someone. And that favorite boyfriend? He is now very much married and has a child. He is the one that "got away".

Last night I had a strange dream. A room full of toys and party favors...I was riding in a jeep and a woman says I'm pretty. She gives me a brochure for a beauty product...A former boss gives me work to do and I didn't do it well.

Interpretation: My longing for my happy childhood days...My vanity...My anxiety for not performing my utmost best at work.

Again, I remember what my psychiatrist told me about dreams. Usually one dreams of either what is currently happening in your life and what you long for or want to happen.

Why do I remember more the dreams of things I pine for?

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