Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sick and Tired of Being Sick

Just came from the hospital. Was there almost the whole day. Had some blood tests. Had lunch. Waited for the doctor. The doctor arrived and the verdict?

...My dosage for my injection has been doubled

...I have to take an additional medicine for my low red blood cell count and low hemoglobin

...I have to take antibiotics for my cough

...I have to see a rheumatologist for my osteoporosis

...In two weeks' time, another blood test and a visit to the hematologist

...Another appointment with my internist was set

When will all of this end? I'm sick and tired of being sick! Medical expenses are skyrocketing! My income simply cannot catch up.

I may not know the reason for all this pain and sickness and expenses but I trust that there is a good reason. Or good reasons (plural).

I don't need to know the answer now. But I trust that God has something good in store for me in spite of all these suffering.

Pray for me!


  1. Oh, yes, I can empathise! I'm sorry things aren't going well for you, but I'm glad your faith will sustain you. Keep your chin up and try to keep a smile in your heart.

  2. Thanks, Diane! Coming from you, I know that you meant every word.


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