Saturday, March 7, 2009

Full of Blessings

How come there are days when blessings abound? (I'm not complaining though.) This is one of them.

Actually, the blessings started to come in since yesterday. I have more projects coming my way. In addition, I might become Office Manager for one or two marketing research agencies while the bosses and key staff are away.

Yesterday, I ate longganisa in the carinderia in front of the church nearest our place. Since the food was cheap, I was able to order rice, Coke, and a banana. And I still had taxi money to spare to get me home.

When I reached home, I had a swell time all by lonesome because my mom stayed over her sister's place and my son said he would be coming home late. So, I spent the time listening to my favorite music, praying, visiting Mother Teresa's website and taking down notes, and chatting with a friend.

Today, I danced to disco music, chatted with cousins and friends, had lunch with my son (which he cooked). I discovered the delicious taste of honey mustard dressing by Lady's Choice (free advertisement again!) My son collected some money for me from a client and with that I gave some to my mom, a few to my son (he needed to buy a shirt and a pair of pants) and kept some for myself. I finally received my Christmas gift pack from Del Monte and I'm eager to taste their new products! I ate Tempura shrimp flavored snack for merienda, a favorite.

When my mom arrived, she gave me a new blouse. She also brought chocolates, pancit canton, barbecue, panucha (sugar-coated peanuts), and books.

I've been invited to attend a Toastmasters' meeting this coming Monday. I am looking forward to it because I always enjoy such meetings.

See how fully loaded I am with blessings? Days like these more than make up for days...not like these (how profound ha ha).

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