Saturday, March 21, 2009

Watching Ballet

There are three ballet dancers among my nieces and tonight they had a recital. At first, I didn't want to go because I was tired and not feeling well. Beside, it's the second day of my period. But then, my sister already reserved tickets for us so I had no choice.

I'm glad I went though. The performances were good, for the most part. Some stood out from the rest. I'm proud to say that my nieces were among the better dancers (not that I'm biased). One of the most applauded dances was the one that won in a competition and participated in by two of my nieces. It was a modern dance cum ballet type of number.

As I was watching, I could tell which ones have been practicing/dancing ballet for years and were truly gifted. I also spotted which among the little girls or younger dancers had much potential. I guess it takes a dancer to appreciate other dancers.

I can never dance ballet again with my figure, my ailments and my age. But I sure am glad to have the opportunity to watch other people perform, even the amateurs.

After the recital, off we went to my brother's house and had a little get-together. Food consisted of baked macaroni, Flaming Wings chicken, and Yellow Cab pizza with softdrinks. Coffee and silvanas were served, too but I couldn't partake of either.

For a while, we had to entertain the date of my niece, Angie, to their graduation ball. Nice guy - good-looking, too. My niece was beautiful in her sexy, white dress. She had her hair curled. What I didn't like were her bangs which I found too long.

My brother-in-law had the kindness of heart to bring us home. So here I am, at the end of another day, almost ready to sleep.

Good night!

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