Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quotable Quotes from My "Groupmates"

Still on my support group. Yesterday, I took down notes and here are some of the things I
I could relate to...

...I could not understand why I could not get out of my depression

...There are so many things I want to do. I am a creative person. I start a project, then drop it.

...Flitting from one project to another

...I was up from 2 am till evening...unfinished projects up to 10 term papers. Did not finish any

...I went from one job to another. I couldn't find my niche

...My deepest depression is to stop teaching

...I was depressed due to love-related and financial factors

...I could not explain why I was depressed when I am full of blessings

...I had mixed emotions - depression, anger, anxiety

Or which I found beautiful...

...our sharing leads to a better understanding of our condition

...friendship is a positive source of support friends with your own kind

...what we're doing is talk therapy, talking things out

...I never stopped teaching, it is my therapy. It reminds you of your responsibility to others.

...sharing helps me as a person. It helps me get through

...when you love someone, you can conquer everything

Indeed, there is strength and comfort in numbers. Need a support group? Find one or form one!

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