Sunday, March 1, 2009

My March 2009 Resolutions

My February was such a lousy month by way of fulfilling my resolutions I won't even attempt to cite which ones I "achieved".

But this is a brand new month. So I have brand new resolutions...

...I shall resume writing "Ang Mundo ni Minda" (screenplay) and/or "Mission:Possible!" (book)

...I shall lose 5 more lbs.

...I shall pray the rosary, listen to Bible reflections, read the Bible, listen to online mass, and/or write on my Spiritual Journal as often as possible. To draw closer to God, in other words.

...I shall stop _________!

...I shall be more productive as a marketing research consultant (read: earn more!)

...I shall exercise daily by walking for several minutes

...I shall try to help others in any way I can even if it's through the use of my computer and phones

...I shall try to wash the dishes more often

...I shall "serve" my mom more often by massaging her feet, scratching her back, etc.

...I shall spend more quality time with my son

...I shall be a better family member, relative and friend in any way possible

Hey, sounds familiar? I said "brand new" didn't I? At least, by repeating my resolutions, I am declaring what is important to me and my loved ones.

Wish me luck this time!

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