Thursday, March 19, 2009


Not too long ago, I was complaining of not having work. Now, I am swamped with projects left and right! I know I should be happy but I have health problems. For instance, because of my bi-polar disorder, I can't stay up late at night. I should have enough sleep. Because of my back problems, I cannot remain seated in front of the computer for an extended period of time. And of course, I cannot be stressed.

But why am I taking time out to write this post despite my busy schedule? Because writing in this blog is a daily commitment for me. And because writing is therapeutic.

If you haven't noticed, I use this site to complain, to brag and boast, to share my blessings, to inspire, to promote values, to enlighten and do many things which make me feel good and hopefully, do a lot of good to my readers as well.

As I write this, I am dead tired but in a few seconds as I wind up this post and look for the appropriate pic, I will be ready again to work till about hmm 10 pm?

Good night for now!

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