Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In my Book, Facebook is...

Facebook seems to be the in thing these days.

Yet, people say it's overrated. Some say it's passe already. Still others say it has become too intrusive.

What do I say? I say it's great!

...It's great to get and keep in touch with family, relatives, friends (old and new), former classmates and batchmates in high school and college, former officemates, former students, former mentors and teachers, former boyfriends, etc.

...It's great to tell everybody that it's your birthday and to share interesting things about yourself

...It's great to learn about what's been happening to other people

...It's great to see wonderful videos, listen to good music, watch new ads

...It's great to discover new things and learn stuff I wouldn't normally know about

...It's great to find help when I need it from friends

...It's great to be able to give compliments and encouragement to others

...It's great to join worthwhile causes

...It's great and fun to answer all sort of quizzes

...It's great to announce news (good or bad) and read about other people's news as well

...It's great to discover how people look these days, along with their spouse and kids

...for all these and more, it's great!

And so in my book, Facebook is not just great! It is wonderful, enlightening and fun.

Intrusive? Nah! I own my time and I simply don't allow FB to ruin my schedule.

To Facebook's detractors, I say, "Don't focus on the germs. See the gems instead." To Facebook's fans, I join you in saying, "Thank you, FB, for making our lives better!"

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