Thursday, March 5, 2009

Taking a Bath

I've just finished a loooong report. Took me weeks to complete the whole thing.

Yesterday, I was too tired to take a bath (yuk). So, today, after writing my report and some "job searching" in the Internet, I finally took a bath.

Ah! The many things we take for granted! Not too long ago, I was bedridden. A maid had to clean me with a wet towel and every now and then, shampoo my hair. But now, I am no longer bedridden. Even with a bad back, I can go to the bathroom on my own and...

...turn on the shower. I purposely did not turn on the heater so I can have cool, cold water!

...I shampooed my hair with Pantene. I soaped my body with Safeguard. Both smelled oh so good!

...I cleaned behind my ears and every nook and cranny of my body...and the ones that I could not reach, I used a loofah with a handle (newly bought).

...I dried myself up and dressed up in a clean housedress.

...I combed my hair, put Johnson's baby powder, applied Dove deodorant, put on Pond's White Beauty lotion on my face, applied Jergens body lotion, cleaned my ears with a cotton bud, put on Folded and Hung cologne.

Ahh, fresh and fragrant from a cool bath!

The simple joys in life!


  1. What's the brand of the cotton bud? :D

  2. The brand? For cotton buds, does it matter? haha.

    Yup, free advertisement. Maybe Unilever and the other companies would think of posting ads here in this site he he.

  3. I really have to agree on a long shower being a luxury :D

    What conditioner do you use? Pantene din yung shampoo ko, although I use Palmolive Aloe Vera as my conditioner. Smells good. Hehe.

  4. I use Pantene conditioner. Smells about the same as the shampoo so the fragrances don't classh.


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