Monday, March 23, 2009

Taxi Drivers

I'm a regular cab rider. As such I meet all kinds of taxi drivers...

...from the silent type to the answer-only-when-asked type to the talkative type to the nosy type

...the courteous and considerate especially of "special" passengers like me who has a bad back and is sensitive of rough roads vs. the rude, reckless drivers

...the new, know-next-to-nothing driver to the veteran, know-every-nook-and-cranny-of-Metro Manila type

...the smelly, unkempt, untidy type vs. the neat, well-dressed kind

...the honest type to the sly, cunning, dishonest kind

...the really good-looking ones (which is rather rare) to those who have a face only their mother would love

...the single with or without girlfriend/s, the married with or without girlfriend/s, the separated with or without girlfriend/s, the widowed with or without girlfriend/s

...the cab owner, the friend/neighbor of the owner, the driver of a fleet

...former family drivers, bus drivers, truck drivers, etc.

...former OFWs, would-be OFWs or dreaming-to-be OFWs

...the ones with simple dreams to the more ambitious drivers

...those who seem to be happy and content to those who complain a lot

...all these and more!

It takes all kinds to be a cab driver... but my heart goes out to most of them because life for them is difficult - what with the high boundaries, the traffic, the cost of fuel, the nasty passengers, the need to support their families.

Lord, please bless all taxi drivers. Guide them as they safely bring their passengers to their destination. And at the end of the day, give them enough earnings to meet their needs and those of their family. Amen.

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