Monday, March 16, 2009

I Love MR!

I’ve been tasked to be the note-taker in a focus group discussion or FGD. [An FGD is a type of qualitative research where there is a moderator who facilitates the discussion.]

The participants are late in arriving so I figured I will be tired when I reach home tonight. Might as well write this post.

What to write about? Past boyfriends? Interesting but I’m not in the mood. My son? Would love to but he warned me that he will erase all my accounts if I so much as mention him in this blog.

Ah! I know…I shall talk about marketing research and why it fits me to a T:

…Marketing research requires dealing with different kinds of people – clients, bosses/managers, field personnel, data processing staff…and I love people!

…Marketing research means numbers, numbers, numbers...I love Math and I understand figures!

…Marketing research requires analytical skills…I love the challenge of interpreting data and coming up with meaningful reports!

…Marketing research requires coming up with useful recommendations and insightful reports…I love “feeling important”!

…Marketing research requires multi-tasking skills…I love challenges!

…Marketing research requires presentation skills…I love speaking before a captive audience (shows how KSP I am)!

…Marketing research requires meeting deadlines no matter what…I love the thrill of “making it” on time!

…Marketing research requires operating within budget…I love learning how to be cost-effective!

…Marketing research requires meeting consumers face to face…I love keeping in touch with the market!

…Marketing research requires being up-to-date with technology…I love keeping up with trends!

…Marketing research is all these and more!

So, come join the industry I belong to. It’s full of challenges and a lot of fun!

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