Thursday, March 26, 2009

Never More

I'm only on my second week of daily going to office and it's both fun and torture.

Fun because...

...I enjoy dealing with my officemates and clients

...I like my work

...I get to do other projects

...I can also do other stuff (like check my email, do my blog he he)

...I get special privileges like not having to go to work exactly on time, somebody buys my food, I got "escorted" everywhere, somebody washes my utensils, plate and glass and so on

...I can use a computer on my own and unrestricted use of the telephone

...everyone is so kind to me

But why is it torture?

My back is sooooh painful, it is such a torture -

...riding taxi cabs

...looking for a ride to and from the office

...walking up and down the stairs

...riding elevators

...and Friday evenings is the WORST!

So, if I were to be asked to extend my job as office manager, I will most probably decline with a sweet smile. The ouch is simply too much compared to the wow's. I prefer my old life when I usually just work at home. I do go out once in a while to meet clients, facilitate focus group discussions, give presentations but these are not often.

Never more, never more.

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