Sunday, March 8, 2009

Count Me In!

I'm joining a writing contest again. There are several categories - in English, Filipino, and a few dialects.

I plan to participate in more than one category so that my chances of winning will be greater (he he). I already have material for an English essay, an English one-act play, and a Filipino screenplay. (It's the last one that will take some time.)

Uncontented, I might try the poetry and short story categories as well.

Funny, I've even had to search the Internet on what "personal essay" and "one-act play" means before attempting to write either.

Will I win? Hope so. I sure could use the prize money. The contest itself is a prestigious one which could open doors for me as a writer.

But my primary reason for joining is that I believe when God gives us a gift or a talent, we must explore, develop, hone, and use it for the greatest good... to bless the world, to inspire others, to inject humor, to propagate positive values, to promote the common good.

So, see ya at the award-winning ceremonies! Even if I don't win any award, I hope at least one friend of mine will win and I will be there to congratulate him/her/them.


  1. Oh no! I already have a bad back! If I broke a leg, imagine how it is possible for me to walk he he...Seriously, thanks for the idiomatic expression. Good luck, too!


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